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Mea Sententia translates roughly as 'My Opinion' and has been my intermittent blog since 2011. Much of my writing is about medical issues, but my topics range through philosophy, behavioral and decision making, management, humor, and personal/family anecdotes.


The night before Christmas (legal version)

Whereas, on or about the night prior to Christmas, there did occur at a certain
 improved piece of real property (hereinafter "the House") a general lack of
 stirring by all creatures therein, including, but not limited to a mouse.

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The art of the apology

It could have been a big deal, but it wasn’t. Our appointment to discuss our options for diagnosing and treating a potential malignancy had been scheduled with the wrong interventional radiologist.

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The cure!

He came in every year for his physical right after tax season (he was an accountant), an event I learned to dread. 

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Thought for today

f you are silent in the face of evil, or acquiesce to what you know is wrong…

…you have sided with evil and are collaborating with the devil.


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Snowstorm epiphanies

Every year, as winter approaches, I look forward to big snowstorms. Not just because I love Nordic skiing - though I do. Not just because the individually tiny flakes and their accumulation into deceptively gentle drifts are such a useful reminder of the importance of soft power. Not just because of the quiet, or the magic of moonlight glistening on fresh powder, or even the knowledge that the piles of snow against the foundation will help insulate the basement and protect our pipes.

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The wisdom of Al

I wished I hadn’t asked...

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The relationship between Truth and Anger

Gloria Steinem said: “The truth will set you free. But first it will piss you off.”

Based on my experience, telling the truth is more reliable at pissing others off than setting anyone free.



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What are they thinking?

It always bothers me when patients seem less interested in focusing on their visit than I am.

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Sunset (a poem)


(for KE)

Your sun has set, and I was not prepared.

Your light, hard shuttered, gone missing from my path 

Reveals no more the places you would show.

Your warmth reduced to memory, mere hint of what it was

While yet it burned.


The moon has tried its best, through faint remembrance

Offered up through gentle darkness by the night.

Scarce real enough that shadows come to pass,

It warms me not, nor lets me see what walks outside my walls.

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Two toxic management myths

A basic and well documented characteristic of human behavior is that, in any group, most of the activity is done by a small number of individuals. 

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