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Colorectal Cancer Screening: unFIT for prime time?

It can be amusing when people mistake the map for the territory (sometimes called the reification fallacy). When it harms my patients, though, it pisses me off. And it isn’t just me, or my institution: two physician friends (in other states) tell me they are seeing it as well.

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EBM: misunderstood and misused

It is ironic that evidence-based medicine was introduced, not to eliminate variability, but to ensure that variability was both present and appropriate. 

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Evidence based medicine (EMB) and variability

The scientific method has given us modern medicine, with astounding abilities to diagnose, treat and even cure. Until the last century, medical treatment was futile at best and fatal at worst. Cure was not possible and the touchstone of our profession was comforting the patient. 

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