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Mea Sententia translates roughly as 'My Opinion' and has been my intermittent blog since 2011. Much of my writing is about medical issues, but my topics range through philosophy, behavioral and decision making, management, humor, and personal/family anecdotes.



"The aim of argument and of discussion, should not be victory, but progress."

- Joseph Joubert






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The enemy...

We have met the enemy...

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Getting old

“There’s no virtue in being old, it just takes a long time.” — Robert A. Heinlein


Melted candles

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Recent events and commentary have led me to revisit and reprocess my personal experience of being the target of sexual harassment, something I have not spoken of for a quarter century.


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Willful ignorance has always been with us...

Epictetus (AD 55 - 135) said: "You can't teach a man what he thinks he already knows."



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New Year's thoughts 2018

I sigh every time I see the common but sadly truncated quote from Rilke “And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been.” It leaves so much unsaid.

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The magic of poetry

The magic of poetry is that it simultaneously helps us remember what we experience and experience what we remember.


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The Nordic season begins

With a solid 18 inches of snow and the much appreciated work of our expert grooming crew, I had my first real skinny skiing session of the season. It was 11 F when I started, and the temperature was on the way down. But the sky was blue, the tracks were great, and the cold weather kept the crowds down.

It is going to be very cold for the next 10 days, so we are off to a good start. Some photos:

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A Christmas Tradition

For me, Christmas has always been about family time, music, and comfortable traditions.

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Lebkuchen, a holiday tradition

Lebkuchen were one of the most anticipated and treasured traditions for our family Christmas. My mother usually made two batches of about 50 and they never lasted long enough to get stale. The recipe is from my GG Aunt Mary Dutcher Field (1848-1929).

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