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A Cialis dilemma

He was there for a common acute problem when the dilemma caught me off guard. After I had explained the likely cause of his six weeks of sore throat (allergic post nasal drip) and treatment options, I asked if he had any questions and he answered that he would like a prescription for Cialis.

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Input must precede (collaborative) discussions

This week I reviewed the most recent minutes of a hospital committee charged with initiating and managing clinical quality initiatives. As usual, the minutes documented a substantial amount of conscientious hard work by a very motivated group. However, one item caught my attention: they were sending a draft of quality goals for 2012 to the four Division Chiefs for approval, with a deadline of 9 days later. 

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Evidence based medicine (EBM) done right: Deming, not Taylor

Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) is a relatively recent but very popular development with great potential for both good and ill.

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