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The car payment

I’d been seeing Derek for just under a year. He was 29 and told me he had moved here from Oklahoma to help care for his aunt when she was diagnosed with cancer. He was not married but had a child ‘back home’ in Oklahoma, about whose mother, a former girl friend, he had nothing good to say. He came with a thick stack of records and several disks with MRIs, which told a history of a fall at work resulting in severe back pain with radicular symptoms (pain and some numbness into his right foot and little toe).

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Dehydration and tachycardia

Bob was 18, a high school senior, a good student, played soccer and ran track, excelling at the 400. He was in the office with his mother to follow up after an ED visit and brief hospital stay earlier in the week. The discharge sheet they brought in noted that he had responded promptly to treatment for a viral illness with vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration (VDD), but because of an unexplained tachycardia he was advised to be seen ASAP to obtain a referral for cardiac evaluation.

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Monthly mangled medicalese

The language of medicine is highly evolved and complex and allows clear, detailed, specific and unambiguous descriptions. Except when it’s not.

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