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Humility and medical guidelines

We have LOTS of guidelines and recommendations. We we need is more humility.

The Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices (ACIP) issued a recommendation in September of 2014 that pneumococcal vaccine naive individuals 65 and over get a Prevnar13 followed by a Pneumovax 6-12 months later, and that those who have had a Pneumovax get a Prevnar13 a minimum of 12 months after their Pneumovax.

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System overload

Under stress, including conditions of overload, systems degrade in a predictable manner.  

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Ironing things out

Rachel called about her elderly father, Blaine, better known to me as Bucky. She requested a ‘nerve pill’ to calm him down at night and a referral to a neurologist to test for dementia.

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