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Honor the heretics

In an organization – as in society – there is an important distinction between faith and religion. 

Faith is belief in the organization’s mission, supported and embodied in its values and long term goals. In a successful organization, faith is a common good, co-owned and held by the entire community.  Leadership doesn’t own or control faith, but functions as steward and guide, helping the community stay connected with (and by) their shared faith.

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In praise of the PITA

You know who I mean. We've all had to work with (or around) the guy everyone calls the pain in the ass.

He is not the person you would choose to make the decision, but he is a person you definitely want in the room when the options are being explored.

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Over the hill?

The leadership and management techniques that still dominate in the early 21st Century remind me of the mediocre and aging rock bands so common in local and regional venues: neither group has realized they are past their prime. Change is inevitable. Success is not. Mark Twain wrote that sacred cows make the best hamburger. We shouldn’t be adding spices to stale recipes or spoiled food. We should be designing a new menu.



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