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Intelligent (?) design, evolution, and failure

At a recent management meeting, top leadership spoke eloquently and forcefully about the huge challenges we face from a ‘perfect storm’ combination of our ongoing national financial crisis and the health care reform act with its unknown and largely unknowable changes. They emphasized the need for innovations that are carefully considered, centrally controlled, and rapidly developed and deployed. The underlying theme was: “Major change is inevitable, and mistakes are not an option. We have to get it right the first time.” 

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Scribes and managers: compare and contrast

What do scribes and managers have in common? (And how are they different?)

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Apathy to activism in four (not so easy) steps

The hospital where I work has recently recognized the serious negative impact our disengaged and non-participatory community of providers is having on the ability of our medical center to innovate and achieve excellence. Evolving from an apathetic to an activist staff is not easy. 

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