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Technically speaking

With regard to the EHR:

(crappy process) + (technology) = (fast, expensive crap)

‘Nuff said. 


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All mushrooms are edible, but some only once.  (Serbian proverb.)



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Wouldn't it be loverly?

For all my friends and colleagues at CMHC (with deepest apologies to Lerner and Lowe)…


All I want is a place somewhere,

Not locked down by Committee Chairs,

Where all who want can go to share,

Now wouldn't that be loverly?


Lots of documents for us to read.

Lots of communication, indeed.

Where creativity can breed.

Oh, wouldn't it be loverly?


Oh, so loverly as we all collaborate at will

We would never need to budge

For stuff that thrills like a sleeping pill.


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