Submitted by PeterElias on Mon, 03/12/2012 - 06:00

“…it’s easier to add stuff than to take it away.  It brings to mind thesecond law of thermodynamics in physics, which (very loosely) says that a system will always develop greater disorder (or randomness, or “entropy”) unless work is done on that system.  Stated from a clinical point of view: unless we invest more time and energy in our patients, their care will become more scattered, disorganized, and chaotic.”

Do read the rest of this excellent post by Steve Balt, MD. He’s talking about a psychiatrist’s office, but it applies (in spades) in the primary care office, especially since the local mental health center have decided to off-load (a term too polite to be accurate) their ‘med check’ patients onto the PCPs. 



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