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Long ago, in a distant land, in circumstances seeming dire, a dear friend penned this for me. It surfaced this week while I sorted papers. Like all truths and most good literature, it is timeless. I offer it, with thanks to Jill, for those in need.

Ode to the Grumps


Many a time it hath been stated

to the grumps we oft are fated

tho' such condition is rare to find

in this ode we shall define

its essence and its properties

thus lay it bare for all to see.

It is detected by the growl

and a mood that's rather foul.

Its victims may begin to glower.

Ah yes. It hath an essence sour!

Do we have a remedy

for such an odious malady?

Although one wishes to assure,

its recent siege is yet uncured.

Ah tolls the deepest woe

when it doth so shitty go.



(by Jill Leventhal, circa 1976) 

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