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Giving thanks on Tahnksgiving

Dear Universe.

Happy Thanksgiving.  I am truly thankful, and here is a partial list of my reasons:

1. I won the lottery. No, not the one at the corner store. I mean being born at this time in history in the US and to parents who cared deeply about their children and the future and had the wherewithal to give me a good start.

2. My health. As a physician for the last 35 years, I am all too well aware of how tragic and undeserved ill-health can be. 

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Wisdom of a centenarian

I made an extra trip to the nursing home to visit him on his hundredth birthday. 

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Lessons from a granddaughter...

Playing with my three year old granddaughter is teaching me to be mindful of whose world I am in, and to behave accordingly. 


In her world, she is the native and I am a tourist. The rules and customs are hers. Things go well when I can relax and let the native guide me. My attempts to impose customs or rules from my world on her world fail spectacularly. As they should.

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