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My message to healthcare leaders and managers

Our job – though many of us actually see it more as a calling than a job – is to care for patients. 

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Why bother

A professional colleague and I were discussing (bemoaning) how hard it is to do quality primary care. She asked why I bothered to keep pushing for change in the face of so much institutional resistance and evidence that it was pointless. I told her, what we put up with is what we end up with.

In return, I asked her why she didn't push back and demand change if she is so unhappy about the way things are?  

Her response: "Well, I watch you, and I can see that it is pointless."


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It's not as easy as you think...

I found a snippet in my Evernote file, sadly without anything citing a source. I have adapted it to fit my experience with Clinical Quality Improvement activities. I suspect it is broadly applicable…

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